Super Bowl 52 halftime show: Timberlake's rumored -- who should he perform with? [POLL]

Such mystery!

Such mystery! Associated Press

When it comes to Super Bowl halftime shows, Minneapolis already reigns supreme. We're talkin' "Winter Magic," of course, the Metrodome's WTF-a-thon of low-rent thrills that changed the game in 1992.

Now, 25 years later, we find ourselves hosting again, and a halftime entertainment candidate just emerged -- Justin Timberlake. The song/dance man is rumored to be the Super Bowl 52 headliner destined for U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on February 4, US Weekly reported Wednesday

Timberlake, 36, would be a fine choice. Following his boy band days with *NSYNC, he embarked on a solo career that blends fun, artful pop, non-threatening sexiness, and suave, demographic-spanning appeal.

The lone blemish on Timberlake's sterling resume is Super Bowl related, however. Who could ever forget his infamous unmasking of Janet Jackson's right breast during the 2004 halftime spectacular? The indecent horror of Nipplegate truly distracted from the wholesome concussion parade on the field that day in Houston. 

It took years but, if the rumors are indeed true, the NFL is ready to forgive Timberlake. Which leads us to the next question: Who's gonna rock with JT in Minneapolis? The City Pages Polling Division wants your input! 

Candidates include: his recent silver-screen pals (Trolls cast); his former superstar tourmate (Jay-Z); his famous ex (Britney Spears); his less famous professional exes (*NSYNC); his down-to-clown rappin' buds (Lonely Island); his Minnesota-born wife, who may or may not sing (Jessica Biel); another Justin, one who bailed on our $1.1 billion football monolith earlier this year (Bieber), and the most obvious regional tie-in: HOLOGRAM PRINCE ... who, as far as we know, has yet to be digitally resurrected. Or possibly Janet Jackson, who was the unfortunate target of sexist/racist blowback post-Nipplegate.

So stand up, take a knee, do the hokey pokey -- whatever. Just make your voice heard in this legally binding, NFL-influencing poll*. 

Who should Justin Timberlake perform with at Super Bowl 52?
Hologram Prince
Janet Jackson
Cast of "Trolls"
Britney Spears
The Lonely Island
Jessica Biel
Justin Bieber
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*Results mean nothing; City Pages has no power; the NFL is evil