Sunny Day Real Estate debuts three bonus tracks

Sunny Day Real Estate is back together with its original lineup for the first time in 10 years, and to celebrate, the band just released remastered editions of its first two albums.

Diary is a classic and the remastering was much needed. LP2 AKA "the pink album" was an unloved stepchild that the band couldn't be bothered to pick out art for, though it did contain a few live staples like Rodeo Jones and J'Nuh.

Perhaps more interesting is the inclusion of several bonus tracks, which have quickly become among the band's most popular tracks on iTunes and represent the first new Sunny Day material in forever, and maybe the last ever.

9: I hated Sunny Day's penchant for assigning numbers to tracks rather than names, so this has one strike against it from the start. Still, it has Diary-vintage charging drum work and a strange, call-and-response, echo vocal from Jeremy Enigk that alone is worth the price of admission. At 6:03, it also boasts the epic, multi-act structure that makes the best Sunny Day songs so intriguing. Recommended for fans of Mars Volta or Coheed and Cambria.

Spade and Parade: This is a more langorous number, with Enigk drifting off into Beatles-esque territory, but it picks up with some choppy drums and guitar work. It's the classic loud-soft-loud, slow-fast-slow technique perfected by Nirvana, and this is a serviceable rendition, but it doesn't stand up to anything on How It Feels to Be Something On, although it makes an honest effort to get there.

Bucket of Chicken: Sometimes, a title alone can turn you off to a song, which is the case with this one. Yet its vintage SDRE. Originally released as the B-side of the "How It Feels to Be Something On" 7", the vintage alone tells you this is the best of the bunch. Here we find Enigk reaching the apex of his songwriting, lyricism, and emoting, while his assured bandmates are able to raise and lower the volume as if on a dial.