Sunday's Big Gig has been canceled

Sunday's Big Gig has been canceled

This Sunday's Big Gig at the Ted Man Concert Hall has been canceled. The event, sponsored by the Minnesota Orchestra and the Current, was to feature performances from Solid Gold, Jeremy Messersmith, Halloween, Alaska, Charlie Parr and others, both indoors and outside the U of M's Ted Mann Concert Hall.

The Big Gig was relatively under-promoted, despite the stellar local lineup, which resulted in sluggish ticket sales that eventually led to the cancellation. The rather steep ticket price of $35 certainly was a factor in keeping sales low, as well.

Solid Gold fans who are willing to make a bit of a drive can still see them perform this weekend, as part of St. John's Block Party on Saturday in Rochester, along with OK Go, Martin Zellar and the Hardways, Lucy Michelle and the Velvet Lapelles, and Pink Mink.

Those blues enthusiasts who were excited to see Charlie Parr perform at the Big Gig still can see him play a local show this Saturday, as Parr is part of the excellent lineup for the 2nd Annual Roots, Rock, and Deep Blues Festival in South Minneapolis.

Jeremy Messersmith's next scheduled local show is July 21 at First Avenue, along with Night Moves and Greycoats.

Big Gig ticket holders who are looking for a refund should contact the Minnesota Orchestra Box Office ticket services line at 612.371.5656 (or toll-free at 1.800.292.4141), or reach them online at [email protected]

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