Summertime hypnosis, rappin’ professors, and psychological horror in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Destiny Roberts, can't you see? Sometimes your umbrellas just hypnotize me.

Destiny Roberts, can't you see? Sometimes your umbrellas just hypnotize me. YouTube

Let’s hear it for Thomas Abban.

The highly acclaimed local singer was just signed to RCA Records, joining Alicia Keys, Childish Gambino, and Grizzly Bear on the label’s roster. Abban joins Howler, Lizzo, and Night Moves (among many others) who’ve gone from our humble Twin Cities scene to major-label stardom. It’s a rare plateau for a local artist to achieve, and it definitely calls for recognition.

Getting signed is an achievement, but it’s definitely not the end goal, and Abban has much ground to cover until he’s a household name. But news like this is encouraging. If he can make that big of a splash at 21, then there’s hope for many of his local contemporaries to do the same.

Destiny Roberts – “Outta Here”

Local rapper/singer Destiny Roberts names Ms. Lauryn Hill as one of her biggest influences, something that’s evident on her new single “Outta Here.” Her smooth delivery and incredibly confident presence on the mic are right from the Fugees’ Guide to Cool. In the video for “Outta Here,” Roberts mesmerizes, twirling her spiral umbrella until you’re powerless to resist her charms. “Outta Here” comes from Roberts’ recent album Moon Melanin Mami.

Tony Bones – “Lessons”

XXL ’s annual annual freshman class has become an institution in hip-hop, but it’s also a point of controversy. For veterans like Tony Bones, the list marks another year of being overlooked for having a history. In the video for his new song “Lessons,” Bones plays a Breakfast Club -inspired instructor to a fictional freshman class, imparting the wisdom of the years he’s spent grinding to keep the upstarts from losing perspective. The inimitable Mercies May directs.

Reflectivore – “Organ Grinder”

Large-format Duluth rock band Reflectivore have released a series of spellbinding collaborations with True Norse Films that we’ve been featuring ( here and here ) at Local Frames for he past two years. The latest in their disturbing and cinematic series is “Organ Grinder,” a psychological horror film set to the band’s most aggressive tune to date. The sequence of nightmarish vignettes needs to be seen to be properly understood, but it’s a difficult watch if you’re not a fan of Darren Aronofsky.

Panash – “Black Light”

Local rapper Panash has a lot on his mind. In the video for his new single for “Black Light,” the former Ménage Quad member takes a stroll to unburden his anxiety. The walk opens Panash up, and he ends up realizing all the good things he has going on. “Black Light” is the title track from Panash’s new album, which is an epidural of positivity for anyone feeling the existential angst. The track comes courtesy of producer Andre Mariette, and the video is directed by Mallory Hyde.

Niles ft. Carolyne Naomi – “The Time Is Now”

Niles’ upbeat “The Time Is Now” is infectious. The rapper and Avant Garde CEO has an unblemished outlook, and this single from his forthcoming record To Remain has the power to destroy any vestige of cynicism inside you. Minneapolis singer Carolyne Naomi is seemingly caught the buzz, as she delivers a soaring chorus to drive the song home.

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