Summer hangs, George Michael vibes, and wall-to-wall purple in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Sure looks like a Summer of Hangs to me.

Sure looks like a Summer of Hangs to me.

Life is about balance.

While enjoying a live show is a thrill, I found out last week that it can also kill you. After attending the PUP show at the Fine Line, I came home with three shin bruises, a lost FitBit, and the Twin Cities’ dirtiest Vans. It was pure physical ecstasy, but there are things my 30-year-old body cannot endure in sequence. Live music is unfortunately one of them.

Luckily for those of you in my waning age group, I curate a local festival right in your computer screen. Every week! No need to leave the house. No need to get your legs stepped on by drunk teens. Just a simple five-act set that you can pause if you ever need to piss or get another beer. And no cover charge.

Nobody Kid – “Soundtrack of Endless Summer”

Chris Koza is done waiting for summer. The Nobody Kid frontman is here to will it into existence with flashing synths and breezy vocals. “Soundtrack of Endless Summer” is brought to life by director Ben Curry, who strings together a hilarious sequence of summertime vignettes. Between the beachy sounds and the pastel video production, this one will get you ready for picnics in the park and bike beers.

Y Peru ft. Eric Pasi – “Every Night”

Formerly of both Hunting Club and Perfume Monster, Justin and Kyle Steen have rebranded yet again, finding their new sound in the dark, horny dance music of the late ’80s. Y Peru sounds like a dance-off between George Michael and Annie Lennox on a midnight corner in Times Square. Their new single “Every Night” captures this feeling in retro waves, as director Zach Dalton dresses the pair in cream suits and sets them off to the groove. Go see their first show at the 331 on July 19.

Dua Saleh – “Sugar Mama” (live)

If you’re not familiar with the Colors series, it’s a “unique aesthetic music platform with diverse and exceptional artists from all around the globe.” If you don’t know what that means, set your gaze to their recent session with St. Paul poet-turned-singer Dua Saleh, whose performance of “Sugar Mama” is the perfect execution of that mission. Over a knocking metronome, Dua unspools a captivating rendition of their signature song, all while standing in a Prince-purple room.

Kiss the Tiger – “Bad Boy”

Kiss the Tiger are currently out on tour in support of their sneering new LP, Let Me Bleed, but if you’re missing them around the Twin Cities, queue up the new video for “Bad Boy.” Frank Foster-Bolton directs a feminist revenge fantasy complete with nunchucks and bloody lips. Who doesn’t wanna watch a villainous Boomer get their fuckin’ teeth kicked in? Kiss the Tiger return to Minneapolis on May 17 for an Art-A-Whirl gig at 56 Brewing. (They make newspaper beer.)

CRAM – “Juce”

I unapologetically love CRAM. Partly because they make good music, partly because they’re just such a spectacle. The new video for “Juce” captures both those magnetizing elements. Directed by Stewop Visuals, “Juce” is nothing but fun-loving madness from the Twin Cities’ most subversive rap group. Interestingly, the song itself is one of their most straight-up street songs, but Stewop’s work behind the lens lets you know these delinquents haven’t changed their game.

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