Summer Beer Olympics

Summer Beer Olympics
(Pictured above: the beer pool you will have to swim through (no, not really). Photo by Mykl Roventine)

This Saturday the Valkyries Women's Rugby team is hosting its annual fundraiser. However, this is not your typical benefit. There will be no keynote speakers, no silent auctions, and no gourmet dinner. There will however, be beer. Lots of beer. You will also have to pass tests of coordination, accuracy, and agility. Think of it like the trials at the end of the first Harry Potter book, only at a bar with drunks.

The location of this epic Olympic battle will be in the back room and porch area of Mayslacks Bar & Grill (1428 4th St NE, Minneapolis).  Competitors are encouraged to dress athletically, or as silly as possible. Last year's Olympians donned track suits, gymnastics gear, and '80s aerobic spandex.

There will be several rounds where low-scoring teams will be weeded out. Rounds will most likely include a bean bag toss, beer pong, a round where you have to drop quarters out of your butt, and that thing were people do a backward somersault with a cup of beer on the head.  

Interested? Teams consist of five players, though smaller groups and beer mercenaries are also welcome to participate. Registration costs $10 to participate, or $5 if you just want to watch (but drink continuously). Though you can sign up between 5 p.m. and 5:30 p.m., it is strongly recommended that you register beforehand. To do so call 612.850.5619 or email [email protected]

For additional rules and pictures from last year, check out and

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