Suburbs guitarist Bruce C. Allen to be taken off life support tonight


Bruce C. Allen, best known as the guitarist for local rock band the Suburbs and as a graphic designer responsible for iconic images like the logo for Twin/Tone records and the album art for the Replacements' Let it Be, will be taken off life support this evening at the age of 54.

Friends close to Allen say that he had been struggling with health issues for many years, including a triple bypass surgery last year, issues with kidney stones, and symptoms of hemophilia. Allen was hospitalized at HCMC beginning last week for uncontrolled bleeding, and subsequently suffered internal bleeding and organ failure.

As a member of the Suburbs and, later, the Pilgrims, Allen was a beloved member of the local scene, and made an impression with both his guitar work and talent for design. We will be gathering stories and memories from those who knew Allen best -- feel free to leave your own anecdotes in the comments.

For now, we'll leave you with this video of Allen playing a fantastic shiny gold guitar with the Suburbs:

Editor's note: Based on information received from several sources, City Pages initially reported that Bruce Allen passed away this morning. We regret this error. Our sympathies go out to Bruce and his friends and family on this sad day.