Strut & Shock won't fix your car: an interview

Strut & Shock won't fix your car: an interview

Photo by Jon Behm.

Sassy, scratchy and seductively abrasive, Strut and Shock is a Minneapolis garage punk band worth seeing on any night of the week. Made of up four familiar Minnesota musicians, these punks aren't really so punk anymore, yet their mix of surf sounds, speed hard rock and guitar/vocalist Arzu Gokcen's ratty screech, ears are bound to leave ringing. The band's influences include all sorts of harsh combinations like Joan Jett and Black Sabbath, not to mention what they call "lobster goth." In preparation for their show tonight at the Hex, City Pages asked Gokcen three minutes worth of questions about the band.

What's the story behind the name, "Strut and Shock"? Did someone have car problems?

I was driving to practice and it was the night we knew we had to come up with a band name because our first show was coming up, and I drove by a garage that had Brakes   Exhaust   Strut&Shock written on the building.  I liked that it sounded kind of sassy and showy in a glam rock way, but that it was actually a car reference albeit a strangely worded one.

What's the song writing process?
Christina usually brings in the skeleton of the song and we build on it from there.

Does a snake have good or bad patience?
I still can't depends on the day.

Are there any life lesson lyrics you'd like to spotlight?
Too shy to answer that one right now.

With all of the genres you swim in, what band out there would be a fair comparison to 
S &S?

We just got this review that said we were like a darker Bangs...I loved that band...they were from Olympia and were around a few years ago..not sure what they are up to now..I have to go check that out when I am done with these questions!

Any rituals before you hit the stage?
Beth usually rats my hair into a small or large Nikki Sixx tribute depending on my mood.

Which is your favorite venue to rock?
The Hexagon!

What's the band working on this winter?
Trying to write some more songs...maybe record again in the spring sometime. Jack's working on his that's what he is working on this winter...

What keeps S & S interesting?
I have to credit Christina's guitar is so uniquely her...garagey and surfy but with these snakey leads that are inherently hers.

Tonight's Show:
@The Hex
w/France Has the Bomb

band website:

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