Strip Club: cheeky or offensive?


So far, at least, there's only been one incident of confusion regarding the name of the new restaurant, Strip Club, in St. Paul. Co-owner Tim Niver told me that one day two guys walked in with dollar bills in their hands and asked, "Where's the other room?" (The guys, likely non-native English speakers, apparently didn't realize the name is a pun on strip steak. Neither did my friend's fourth-grade son, who, when his father felt compelled to explain what strip steaks and strip clubs were, responded, "Why would anyone want to see somebody take their clothes off? That's gross.")

Niver says they chose the name because they thought it was funny and memorable and that, so far, only one neighbor has raised concerns about the name's appropriateness, citing concerns about the area's troubles with prostitution. We've seen this question raised in the past regarding Chino Latino's ad campaigns: Where's the line between cheeky and offensive?

Those who find the name in poor taste should at least be happy to know that googling "Strip Club" with "St. Paul" now brings up only mentions of the restaurant on the first page, which certainly wasn't the case when I tried that a month ago.