Strib: Protest doc "tainted" by lack of conservative voices

TiVo the premiere of "Veronica Mars" tonight and tune into PBS (TPT 2) at 8 p.m. for "Get Up, Stand Up: The Story of Pop and Protest," hosted by Chuck D. The NYT is calling the PBS documentary one of the most daring programs in the channel's recent history. Chronicling protest music and voices of dissent from Leadbelly to Vietnam folk songs to Chumbawamba's supposed-rally cry "Tubthumping" and everything in between, the doc sheds a spotlight on music's historical impact and influence on the international battle for peace and equality. The Strib, meanwhile, sniffs and says the "project is tainted by the lack of conservative representation." Which, really, is like complaining that there are too few men in the National Organization for Women.

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