Stream: The entire 28-hour Drone Not Drones concert

Stream: The entire 28-hour Drone Not Drones concert
Photo by Mark N. Kartarik

Here's something the drone-lover in your life does not yet have. Earlier this month, the Cedar Cultural Center hosted a 28-hour event featuring several dozen musicians promoting a peaceful society with an uninterrupted drone. And now Drone Not Drones' Luke Heiken has posted a recording of the whole thing up on Soundcloud! Listen to a piece each day, or just disregard the outside world for the next day and change.

With Low, Prairie Fire Lady Choir, members of the Cloak Ox, BNLX, Paul Metzger, and so many more bringing their unique insertions, this is a seamless piece of Twin Cities history.

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In addition to streaming online, the files will be available for download after they are mastered. All proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders. More swag for a good cause to be found in the DND store.

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