Stone Arch Bridge Festival announces music lineup

After the sad passing of the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts founder, Ira Heilicher, the future of the free outdoor gathering in St. Anthony Main seemed to be in jeopardy. Thankfully, the festival was revived and renamed the Stone Arch Bridge Festival by new owner Matt Mithun, who also owns the Somerset Amphitheater and runs the SoundTown music festival.

And once again, local music booker/photographer Stacy Schwartz has assembled a terrific array of Twin City bands for the fest, highlighted by scheduled performances by Romantica, A. Wolf & Her Claws, Heiruspecs, and the Evening Rig.

The three-day festival will once again be held around Main Street and Father Hennepin Park in Minneapolis over Father's Day weekend, June 15-17. And while there are plenty of added artistist events and displays planned and yet to be added, the music side of Stone Arch is all set, with a diverse and entertaining collection of bands who are sure to get the St. Anthony area going throughout the weekend. 

City Pages will have our own stage at the Stone Arch Bridge Festival, with musical performances scheduled throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. Our stage will feature sure to be engaging sets by Brianna Lane, Martin Devaney, Niki Becker, and Dan Israel, to name just a few. So be sure to drop by and check out some great music with us.   

Here is the list of bands and set times for all of the announced performances for this summer's Stone Arch Bridge Festival. All shows are free and all ages:

Friday, June 15

Cities 97 Stage

7:00 pm - Romantica
8:15 pm - The Evening Rig

Saturday, June 16

Star Tribune Stage

11:15 am - Karl Remus
12:15 pm - Schoenburg
1:15 pm - Fairfax, AK
2:15 pm - Very Small Animal
3:15 pm - Art Vandalay
4:15 pm - Tortuga!
5:15 pm - Brian Laidlaw & the Family Trade
6:15 pm - Kevin Steinman 

Cities 97 Stage

12:00 pm - Silent Agency
1:15 pm - Kaleidoscope Effect
2:30 pm - Squares
3:45 pm - Two Harbors
5:00 pm - Fire in the Northern Firs
6:15 pm - Sleep Study 
7:30 pm - A. Wolf & Her Claws
9:00 pm - Heiruspecs 

City Pages Stage

11:15 am - Frank Boyle & His Eminent Acoustic Entourage
12:15 pm - Peter Lochner
1:15 pm - Bob & Lynn Dixon
2:15 pm - Nina Yasmineh
3:15 pm - Jeff Ray & Hurricane Harold
4:15 pm - Brianna Lane
5:15 pm - Mayfly Rooks
6:15 pm - Martin Devaney

Sunday, June 17

Star Tribune Stage

11:15 am - David Booth
12:15 pm - i like you
1:15 pm - Joey Verskotzi
2:15 pm - Electric String Quartet
3:15 pm - Bernie King & the Guilty Pleasures
4:15 pm - Pioneer Son
5:15 pm - Aldine
6:15 pm - Joey Ryan & the Inks

Cities 97 Stage

11:15 am - Hunting Club
12:00 pm - Small Cities
1:15 pm - Roster McCabe
2:30 pm - The Pinsch
3:45 pm - Ghostmouth
5:00 pm - Van Stee
6:15 pm - Dream Crusher 

City Pages Stage

11:15 am - Tyler Haag
12:15 pm - Steve Parry
1:15 pm - Niki Becker
2:15 pm - Dan Israel
3:15 pm - Kara Laudon
4:15 pm - Dan Mariska
5:15 pm - Matt Moberg
6:15 pm - Walker Fields

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