Stomp at the Ordway

By now you've likely got an opinion one way or the other on whether the idea of people banging garbage cans for an hour and a half sounds like a great time. Having gone to Stomp last night at the Ordway, I can report that I've never seen kids in a theater audience enjoy themselves more, and there definitely seemed to be Stomp groupies who had seen the show more times than you can count on a Simpsons hand.

Some skits worked better than others--the broom stick solo was a highlight, as was the massive clatter produced by percussionists hanging off the wall like window washers. Having honed my own percussion chops on a Rock Band drum kit, I was blow away by the rhythm display and found myself wondering if the performers fell asleep at night with the incessent bop-dittity-click-clack in their heads.

What I didn't know going in, and what turned out to be the highlight of the show, is that it's as much a comedy as a music performance. Although there aren't any words, the actors use facial expressions and especially props to tell a range of mini-stories and in the process develop their characters beyond just, "the guy who hits the Yield sign on the third beat."

If you can't make it to the Ordway, check out this five-minute YouTube clip to get a sense of what you're missing: