STNNNG to play Stevens Square, then Labyrinth screening


The STNNNG, as photographed by waltzcore.

When you reach a certain level of notoriety, the rote, procedural obligations of playing out twice a month and manning a merch table cease to weigh upon you.

That's the spot that former Picked-to-Clickers STNNNG occupy now, several years into their career-- they're hard working enough, storied enough, and good enough to make their shows triannual events.

Tonight is their 200th show, and everyone in the Gimme Noise office is praying that this tenuous weather holds just long enough for them to rip through a typically kinetic set. Their music has always been a pleasantly wince-inducing form of rock and roll-- loud, heavy, high-end and full of performative flourishes that are just practiced enough to deliver, just spontaneous to count.

And afterward? Could we be so lucky? Could the current climate conditions hold out yet another 2 hours for an outdoor screening of Jim Henson's masterpiece "Labyrinth?" The Gimme Noise staff will be spending these overcast, pre-clock out hours performing all manner of pagan sun ceremonies (we are consulting our friends in Eye of the Great Protector as we type)-- you'd be hard pressed to find a 20-something for whom the surreality, the impeccable art design, and Bowie's infamous codpiece don't occupy a special imaginitive place.

So grab your slickers and your umbrellas and get to Steven's Square. The shindig gets underway at a little after 8:00 tonight. And remember-- if it ends up being sunny, you know who to thank.