STNNNG release out-of-print 7 inch for free download


The air up there-- STNNNG got ups.

At 2007's Lunch Show (which is exactly what it sounds like-- a daytime show replete with potluck foodstuff, held annually at the 7th Street Entry), labelmates STNNNG and Signal to Trust released a split 7 inch, featuring mutual covers of one another's work.

As much as they audibly appreciated one another on pressed wax, their fans appreciated the effort even more, and in a heartbeat, the fleet-footed disc sold out, and, until recently, there were no announced plans to re-press it.

Signal to Trust at the 2008 NBA All Star slam dunk competition, photographed by waltzcore.

God bless the new media model. From Candi Staton bootlegs on Soulseek to experimental films on Hulu, materials once though irretrievable are resurfacing in the risk free, cost free landscape of the internet. Surprise surprise, the split 7 inch is now available for free download from STNNNG's website.

Collaborative, congratulatory, and well-produced, the 7 inch is a miniature treasure for any curator of local music.


And unlike the original disc, this one won't pull a Harry Houdini after a couple hundred downloads.