STNNNG playing tour kick-off show at the Loring Theater


By what I'm reading on everybody's online twits, the cool thing this week for a band to do is to pack up their van and skinny jeans and head south to Austin, Texas to razzle and dazzle the flocks of hipsters at the SXSW attention contest. As an alternative, frenetic spazz rock combo, STNNNG will be starting a Spring tour of the midwest at the Loring Theater this Thursday night. On the heels of last year's Smoke of My Will, the band's third full-length release, they've put together a special event with local instrumental group Take Acre setting the mood.

STNNNG Vocal maestro Chris Besinger is pretty pumped about playing the Loring. "We booked the show at the Loring because the oppurtunity come up to have the set filmed, and we thought it would be cool to do the show in location other then say a club or bar," he says. Chris saw pianist Matthew Shipp play there last month and is excited to play there, too. "It's a really cool room and Take Acre I think are going to be great to see and hear in that venue."

The recently renovated and renamed theater has provided space for a number of local bands and national and international touring acts in recent months. Some of the local indie and the more artful-type bands music really are better served in a theater instead of a bar. Instead of having to compete with the chatty cathies in a bar or club, a stage like the Loring's centers the attention and demands a band actually perform and put on a show, in this case allowing STNNNG to get their friends and even meat involved.

"We also decided that this would be a good chance to do some fun stuff beyond what goes into a normal show, so we asked Nils Lindahl to host it and we hooked up with Kramarczuk's to give away some meat," says Chris. "Of course Emily Kaplan is going to provide video montage."
"It's also the kick-off of our Spring Midwestern tour, so we are playing longer then normal to squeeze in all the songs we are going to play in the upcoming weeks," Chris explains, as the band has been diligently getting their set together. Their performance will include some new material and hooking back up with drummer-about-town Ben Ivascu, who's been most active recently with noise ensemble Marijuana Deathsquads and has just returned from a residency out in Los Angeles.
"We're looking forward to getting back out on the road and playing the new tunes, both from the new album and the ones we have written since the album came out," Chris says. "We are hitting some familiar spots, Wichita, Detroit and a few places, Louisville as well. Hopefully we get to play to some folks, if not we will be awesome, as always."

What's also awesome about Thursday's show is not only is it in a lovely theater, but it's early and open to all ages, somewhat a rare opportunity for underage STNNNG fans. This is definitely not one to be missed.

STNNNG, Take Acre and DJ TRL hosted by Nils Lindahl happens Thursday, March 17 at the Loring Theater. Tickets are $13 and available on the Loring Theater site. Doors open at 7 p.m. All ages welcome.

Meanwhile, here's Stnnng's performances on Radio K's "Off the Record" in case you missed that:

STNNNG midwest tour dates:

3-17-11 Loring Theater (formerly Music Box) - Minneapolis w/Take Acre 
3-23-11 White Ligtning "where" House - Iowa City, IA w/We Shave (featuring Brendan from FT(SG)) and Tanks 
3-24-11 Coughy Haus - Beloit , WI 
3-25-11 Bakery Loft - Detroit, MI w/Child Bite 
3-26-11 The Mayday - Cincinnati , OH w/Child Bite and Vacation 
3-27-11 The Vollrath Tavern - Indianapolis, IN w/Burnt Ones and Child Bite 
3-28-11 The Bishop - Bloomington, IN w/Slutbanger and Child Bite 
3-29-11 Cahoots - Louisville, KY   
3-30-11 Cranky Yellow - St. Louis, MO w/The Conformists 
3-31-11 Naked City - Wichita, KS w/Muscle Worship, Bled White and Snaggletoof Palooka (9pm) 
4-01-11 Replay Lounge - Lawrence, KS w/Muscle Worship and Jabberjosh 
4-02-11 Zoo Bar - Lincoln, NE w/Her Fly Away Manner 
4-03-11 Special late Set - Lincoln, NE (2am (after bar show on night of April 2nd))
4-15-11 Rochester, MN
4-23-11 Hideout - Chicago, IL w/Martha Vineyards Ferries, The Gary 
4-24-11 High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI w/Martha Vineyards Ferries, The Gary, Wereworm 
4-25-11 Cactus Club - Milwaukee, WI w/Martha Vineyards Ferries, The Gary, Wereworm 
4-26-11 Quenchers - Chicago, IL w/MVF, The Gary, Wereworm