Still Pacific's "Mine for the Time": a pop-up video of sorts

Pop-up books were pretty great to have during the pre-Vimeo age, so it's a delight that the team of Katie Maren and Mike P. Nelson bring such a book to life in local group Still Pacific's new music video. There's plenty of other intriguing details about the clip, which follows the story of a jilted princess, a jerk of a prince, a misunderstood robot, and a whole bunch of medieval martial arts experts. Let's not forget that the group, fronted by Tracy Tabery-Weller on keys and vocals, has fashioned a charming template of smart hooks, and lovelorn lyrics. 

There are portions that will remind you of a Quintron and Miss Pussycat puppet show, but there's plenty of live action that appears to take place in our lake-ridden locales during friendlier weather. All-in-all, the team that includes past members of Psychedelicates and Astronaut Wife offer something far more palpable than just a fairy tale.

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