Still More MN Faves

Daniel Peterson writes:

They never had a hit, but they sure were great: The Mutuals. They were the first punk/new-wave band I saw locally, in 1979 at some long-forgotten bar in Fridley (which they were kicked out of after the first night of a proposed two-night stand.) I went based on a review I had read (in the old Sweet Potato, I believe) that mentioned that they performed some covers by Jonathan Richman and Brian Eno. They had a Fripp-influenced fuzz-guitarist, a very minimalist stand-up drummer and not one but two females in the band. They didn't look or act like rock stars, and befitting their name, the dancers/listening audience were considered as much a part of The Mutuals as the band onstage. I followed them around town religiously for the next couple years, and remain firmly convinced that at least two of their shows were among the best I have seen by anyone, ever. My unenlightened Led Zep-loving friends thought they "needed to practice more," but I felt like I was experiencing a taste of what The Velvet Underground must have been like in their earliest, groundbreaking days: raw, psychedelic and primitively perfect. Their lone, 4-song seven-inch, "No Wasps," is one of my most prized possessions, especially the song "Heat."

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