Stevie Wonder's performance at Jacko's memorial proved highlight


We'll admit it-- we still feel like dopes for being so griefstricken, so many days later, over the death of someone who could conceiveably be called a monument to marketing. When it comes to celebrity deaths, we're hopelessly cynical. And while Jackson's body lay in state at the Staples Center, being memorialized by thousands present and millions watching on T.V., hundreds of lives were quietly going out all across the world, wholly unsung.

And yet, we can't help feeling what we feel. This has sucked through and through. Suckers we may be. But it runs in our blood.

Stevie Wonder performing "Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer" at yesterday's memorial for Michael Jackson.

And while the choked testimonial from Jackson's daughter proved to be the emotional keystone for the majority of the viewing public, it was Stevie Wonder's performance of his 1971 hit "Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer" that had us shattered and reaching for a box of kleenex.

The words of his daughter make for an easy pivot-- a climax to which the entire afternoon's proceedings had built. But Stevie Wonder's performance lay nestled within all the pageantry. And to hear the King of Pop memorialized in song, and in such heartbreaking song, was too much for some of us (ahem) to take standing up.

There's little that can be said about the performance that it doesn't say better for itself. Click, view, and tremble.