Stevie Ray to perform the world's first skydiving improv show

(photo by divemasterking2000 via Flickr)Stevie Ray's Improv Company has been making folks laugh for the past 20 years. In celebration of this landmark anniversary, he will jump for joy. Literally. From a plane.

Tuesday, May 26 at 10:30 a.m. Stevie Ray and three other members from his troupe will be strapped to lead jumpers. After some presumed time spent screaming, the chutes will open and the improv show will begin under the tent of parachutes. This will be the first improv show of its kind, and Guinness officials may show up to verify the first-ever event.

The jump will also mark Stevie Ray's 50th birthday. No news yet on whether there will be cake.

The comedians and lead jumpers will be jumping with Skydive Twin Cities in Baldwin, WI. Those interested in more information, or the possibility of jumping with the troupe (maybe, if you ask nicely?), should call 612.825.1832 or visit their site at