Stern gets day off

class=img_thumbleft> Howard Stern is today serving a

one-day suspension

from his syndicated radio show originating from WXRK Radio in New York. Still working for Infinity Broadcasting, Stern apparently spent much airtime Monday plugging his upcoming switch to Sirius Satellite Radio. Stern has reportedly inked a $500 million contract to switch to Sirius in January, the first time such a popular talent has gambled on subscription-based radio.

Stern's show is said to have gone downhill since his late '80s, early '90s heyday, though residents of the Twin Cities wouldn't know, since their only access to his show is via the puerile snippets shown on E Entertainment TV. Still there are fond memories to be had of the halcyon days of Cookie Puss, Mister Methane, and the leashless license given to such raving maniacs as Sam Kinison, Mr. T, and Pat Cooper. In a surreal move, Sirius has already launched a channel about Stern in anticipation of his arrival.

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