Steampunk phantoms, fat pugs, and Tron vibes in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos



New bands. New bands!

Yes, Picked to Click is behind us, but the band generator never shuts down in this city. Local Frames has long been a launch pad for bands just breaking into the scene. Any musicians who can slap together a three-minute video can get their name in City Pages, and you don’t even need to have an album or a booked show to get a press clipping. 

This week, we feature two debuts from bands you should expect to hear much more from in the coming years. Ready a draft of your 2020 Picked to Click ballots, people.

Mayda – “The Little Ones” (PREMIERE)

My impassioned plea for Halloween videos was largely ignored this year, but Mayda did not let me down. Her new video for “The Little Ones” features the pop musician stalking around in some dolled-up Phantom of the Opera costumes. The song itself is nothing spooky—in the lyrics, Mayda sings about the sanctity of youth and the power of children to stir belief—but the misalignment makes the visuals all the more chilling. What’s that steampunk Victorian up to, and why is she about to sic her minions on me?

SeaWeeds – “My City”

The secret to being famous in Minneapolis is to say nice things about Minneapolis. New rock group SeaWeeds understand this—their debut single “My City” acts as an audio-visual billboard for the city they call home. Ryan Wideman’s video for the song follows an average day in the Mill City, as our hero says goodbye to her chunky lil pug and heads out. She tours Electric Fetus, Target Field, and the Sculpture Garden, eventually finding herself at SeaWeed’s gig. An idyllic afternoon that displays all of Minneapolis’ charms. Instant success.

Plastik Boxes – “Motionless” (lyric video)

Plastik Boxes are a brand new band, but they feel familiar. Listening to them is like watching Stranger Things—the aesthetic is so on point that it makes you wonder if it actually existed in the ’80s. Their debut single “Motionless” is flush with early MTV synths and danceable ennui. The lyrics flash across the screen, looking like the title cards from a Jane Fonda exercise video, an uncanny imitation of humanity’s most stylized decade.

Gabe Barnett and Them Rounders – “The Serious One”

Gabe Barnett, poet laureate of Robbinsdale and lead singer of Them Rounders, is by no accounts a serious man. The Zevon-esque singer is about to release his next record, From the Bottom, and his latest single “The Serious One” shows off more of his dour songwriting. While the video isn’t more than a rolling painting, the song is rich with visuals of a poorly received man struggling to find love in a world that doesn’t understand his sense of humor. Barnett and Them Rounders play the Cedar on November 7 in celebration of the new album.

St. Paul Peterson – “Something in the Water”

Why is Minneapolis music so funky? Yes, Prince had something to do with it, but St. Paul Peterson was right there as the Minneapolis Sound was being created. The Twin Cities vet calls his new album Something in the Water “a greazy slice of blues funk.” He’s just dropped the video for the title track, which offers no explanation to the Cities’ unique aesthetic other than that’s just how it’s always been. Instead, he name-drops his fellow proprietors, as if to say, “go ask them.”

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