Station Break

Finally, a reason to move to St. Louis Park. Radio K is coming to the FM dial--if you can tune it in. The student-run University of Minnesota station, where Al Green and Ween are equally at home, hopes to be sharing a frequency by the start of the new year with KDXL (106.5 FM). That FM station is operated by the St. Louis Park Public School District and broadcasts only during school hours; Radio K, which is limited by government regulation to broadcasting during daylight hours on its AM frequency (770), will take over the night (most likely 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m.), as well as non-schooldays.

Unfortunately, the number of people who will actually be able to hear Radio K's new FM signal will be minuscule. Because KDXL is a "class D" station, it is limited to 10 watts and currently has a broadcast radius of just two kilometers. Radio K station manager Andy Marlow says he's hopeful that the signal will at least carry to Uptown. "We haven't done extensive tests, but obviously Uptown is one of our core audience areas and we'd really like for people there to be able to hear us," he says. Eventually Radio K hopes to expand its FM presence to a six-kilometer radius (the maximum allowed under federal regulations for a class D station), which would enable people to dial it in as far east as the Mississippi River.

The programming mix for the station's extended hours is still being formulated. Program director Karla Klaustermeier says Radio K is exploring some new specialty shows, but that listeners can largely expect an extension of the eclectic daytime musical mix. "We want to keep it as close to regular daytime Radio K programming as we can," she says.

You may soon be able to hear "Bananas and Blow" on your FM dial.

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