Star Wars Holiday Special tonight at Bryant Lake Bowl

The Star Wars Holiday Special is easily the worst thing that's every been spawned from the Star Wars universe, and considering Episodes I through III, that's really saying something. George Lucas (and most of the Star Wars cast) refuses to acknowledge the vomit-inducing, low-budget, saccharine mess, which features cameos by such celebrities as Bea Arthur and Jefferson Starship.

In the age of irony, there's only one way to handle this kind of drivel: watch it while drunk.

The Bryant-Lake Bowl is screening the special tonight at 9 p.m.; the event is a benefit for Toys for Tots, so admission is a donation of a new children's toy.

If you're feeling particularly masochistic (or already have a healthy supply of alcohol in front of you), check out the full two-hour "experience" below. Or further down, skip to the only good part of the special: the cartoon segment that serves to debute everyone's favorite Star Wars Character, Boba Fett.

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