Stanley's Northeast Bar Room halts live rock shows until spring


Though the new restaurant and bar has only been hosting live music for a few weeks, Stanley's Northeast Bar Room is already halting most of its live entertainment, a move that booker Christy Hunt says will allow them to move the stage to a more suitable location and improve the concertgoer's experience in the new space.

[jump] "They didn't think through where they were going to put the stage," Hunt told me in a recent phone conversation. "The way it is set up now is too conflicting. There's no place to put the gear, and people eating dinner are bothered by the loud music."

Hunt makes a valid point -- in the brief time that I visited the newly remodeled space, I noticed that the stage seemed crammed into one of the corners, and patio doors opened directly into the space where concertgoers would stand to watch the band. Catching these imperfections right away and dealing with them head-on might help Stanley's to develop into a venue with some longevity in the Northeast community.

According to Hunt, she is going to spend the next three months helping the restaurant to move its stage upstairs, a space that she says is "way more rock 'n' roll" and looks like "a Pizza Hut circa 1983."

"The downstairs will still have live entertainment but it will be more suitable for the acoustics of the room," she says. "As of right now, I am going to be in charge of the music upstairs and the undertaking of that venue."

All current shows booked at Stanley's are being canceled or relocated, and Hunt is aiming to have the new upstairs venue open by March 2011.

Two relocated shows have been announced so far:

  • The Friday November 12 show with Dingus, Omnitrigger, the Funeral and the Twilight and Citizens of the Empire will be at Nick & Eddie.
  • The Saturday, November 20 Razor Cake Magazine Party w/DJ Paddy Costello, Vacation Bible School, Slow Death, God Damn Doo Wop Band and Gateway District will be at the Hexagon Bar. This will move 'The Anti-Civ Records 48 Band Contestival' originally on November 20th to December 18th at The Hexagon.

UPDATE: The venue would like to stress that they will still be hosting lineups of restaurant-friendly local music, and that the lower level will now be booked by Matt Johnson and Joe Winterer. They expect to have a new schedule of events as soon as tomorrow. Christy Hunt will book the stage upstairs.