St. Paul Saints pig Little Red Porkette has a new Prince outfit



A teeny-tiny baby piggy has a sassy new outfit. 

We're, of course, talking about St. Paul Saints mascot Little Red Porkette and his Purple Rain-era blouse. The Prince-inspired pig rocked the shit outta his new Prince-inspired outfit Thursday at CHS Field in St. Paul. 

Take a look at the photo. Notice how he's just a widdle guy. Drink in the fact he's sporting clothing, despite the fact he's a barnyard critter. Coo at the notion of a pig sipping from a bottle — LIKE A BABY WOULD! A human baby. Consider the nod to departed Minnesota pop icon Prince. The lace. The purple. The music. The legend. 

Little Red Porkette got his Princely pun name earlier this month. The "Little Red Corvette" allusion emerged victorious from a (hog?) pile of more than 4,000 entries. Among the other choice cuts: Raspiggy Beret, Paisley Pork, and the Mascot Formerly Known as Swine.