St. Paul music club Vieux Carré to close in late June

Les bons temps won't be rouler-ing much longer at Vieux Carré.

Les bons temps won't be rouler-ing much longer at Vieux Carré. Star Tribune

If you've never been to Vieux Carré, the music venue and restaurant in the basement of St. Paul's historic Hamm Building, we've got two things to tell you.

First, you should have already checked the joint out in the five years it's been open. We did name it Best Jazz Club earlier this year, after all.

Second, you've got less than a month to get there.

The downstairs club, operated by the same crew who run the Dakota in downtown Minneapolis, will shut down after the Twin Cities Jazz Festival, which ends June 22.

“This was a very difficult decision for many reasons, but we have not been able to establish the level of consistent business needed to justify its continuation,” the club announced late this afternoon in a press release.

Vieux Carré occupied the same subterranean space at 408 St. Peter St. that the musician-owned Artists' Quarter had called home for 18 years.

With the opening of the Palace Theatre right across the way, the First Ave purchase of the Fitzgerald just up the road, and the continued solid bookings at Amsterdam nearby, the club seemed positioned to occupy a happy niche in St. Paul's revitalized musical nightlife.

Things, as they say, are not always as they seem.

Welp, have a great weekend everyone!