Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck mixtape release party tonight at the Nomad

Spyder Baybie Raw Dog & 2% Muck mixtape release party tonight at the Nomad
Photo by Graham Tolbert

Twin Cities hip hop duo Spyder Baybie Raw Dog + 2% Muck have officially dropped their new mixtape Now That's What I Call Raw Vol. 2, in anticipation for the blowout release party at the Nomad tonight. And at the risk of fan-gushing, we gotta say that there's a lot of stuff to like on here.

It'd be easy enough to pigeonhole the beautifully weird seedy world of Spyder Baybie Raw Dog + 2% Muck into that fatefully flawed descriptive niche critics have dubbed "ironic rap." However, as with most artists who are thrown into that style purgatory, it'd be a vast oversimplification, a misfire and a big one. The truth is Spyder Babie Raw Dog + 2% Muck are weird, a masterfully toxic and contagious breed of weird, and one that folks have been getting on board with for a while now. As with Jeremy Nutzman, a.k.a. Spyder's other projects (like Bight Club), the honest energy is what rings out loudest, the truth in oddity: NTWICR Vol. 2 delivers that in buckets.

These guys aren't playing with genre or post-modern culture in the upfront way that, say, Das Racist is, although a comparison to the New York duo may be valid to an extent, as far as content goes. Instead, though, Spyder/Muck seem to veer away from these themes, opting to instead delve into grimy excess and the paper-thin substance of trash culture and then set up shop artistically there, on the side of the highway, where they can comfortably inhabit the fruitful, slimy, drug-addled space that's both fringe and heart of the city.

NTWICR Vol. 2 is set up effectively as one part creation and one part observation. On the one hand, Spyder and Muck are players within the rap game, representing themselves on the stage of grime world (see "Radio," "Intro 86.66," the segues etc..). Simultaneously, though, they're acting as scribes, rattling off inspired non-sequitors and misshapen narratives out of passings by (see "Black Chick," "Chuck Deuce"). It's a clever ploy, weaving a kind of pseudo-mythology around themselves and making it too sticky to attempt to extricate any  real conclusion from the music, apart from raw impressions. You can't over think it, because then the joke is on you. It's loose yet calculated, masterfully over the top, yet delivered like a hodge-podge handful of pills: one moment it's spun fast the next it's drawn out slow.

Spyder/Muck are at their best when their interplay is synced, with Spyder firing of wonderfully messy rhyme rant at high speeds while Muck's flooding heavy drowning k-hole slowed production from the back. This interplay is what flows frequently on NTWICR Vol. 2, and backed by attuned collaborations from La Manchita, BadnRad, Big Zach and P.O.S. among others, Now That's What I Call Raw Vol. 2 is the kind of ass-shaking mixtape that could get us through the long winter, or at least hold us over until Vol. 3 is dropped.

With the lions share of the features on the album listed on the bill for tonight's release party, and with the concert flyer teasing surprise Doomtree guests as well, it'd be tough to find a safer bet for a good party on a Friday night.

SPYDER BAYBIE RAW DOG AND 2% MUCK play a mixture release show with BadnRad, La Manchita, Larva Ink, and "special appearances by some Doomtree fellers" tonight, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18, at the NOMAD PUB. 21+. $5. 9 p.m.

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