Spoon, Weedeater, Skoal Kodiak, and more rock the weekend

Spoon, Weedeater, Skoal Kodiak, and more rock the weekend

Dear Aunt Gladys:

I am writing because Mom said I should thank you for the wonderful Easter basket full of Marshmallow Peeps, generic Crème Eggs, and stickers of bunnies you sent me. I certainly liked these when I was five or six, so of course you would send me some now that I'm a grown adult. Also, I'm really glad you included a card that listed all the great activities you have planned for us this weekend, including decorating eggs, hunting for eggs, and me dressing up in a bunny costume for my cousins, who are all also grown adults.

Unfortunately, I am unable to participate in any activities, because I have a full schedule of rock and roll this weekend.


See, there's a free show at the 501 featuring Chibalo, Alpha Consumer, and Lazer Forever, and there's no way I'm wearing a bunny outfit there. Also, I'm excited that Big V's is hosting the least mellow all instrumental band night in history with Cavehorse, Japanese Space Program, Falcon Arrow, Command Module, and Laundromat Vacation. First Ave has the first of two sold-out nights with Spoon, while Xiu Xiu take over the entry with Tune-Yards and Talk Normal, and the Ave is promoting the Ruby Suns show at the Turf Club. So I guess I'm skipping Friday's retelling of the Passion.


Picked To Click-ers Red Pens play a free show at the Hexagon with Total Babe, Teenage Moods, and Nice Purse, and these guys are so fun! They're like eating tons of Easter candy and loving every minute of the sugar rush. Meanwhile, Aunt Gladys, the Triple Rock hosts legendary stoner-rednecks and accident-prone shotgun owners WEEDEATER with Black Tusk, the Gates of Slumber, and Struck By Lightning, and I really don't think their style will mix with your ideas about proper egg decoration. I doubt there's going to be an egg hunt when Black Lips play the Varsity with locals France Has The Bomb, but there might be at the Soap Factory while Skoal Kodiak plays.


Okay, fine, I'll come over for a free meal. But after my nap, I'm ditching out! There's DJs at Sauce and the Triple Rock, Staraoke at Grumpy's, and an "Old Stage" show at the Turf featuring Erik Koskinen, Randy Weeks, and Max Edwards getting all old-school.

Sorry, Aunt Gladys. We'll plant a tree on Arbor Day, I swear.

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