Split personalities and skateboard pontoons in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

L-R: Dizzy Fae, Dizzy Fae

L-R: Dizzy Fae, Dizzy Fae YouTube

Let’s talk about the dog days.

Dads and aunts and pundits are always talking about the dog days of summer, as if there’s some universally accepted time period. In reality, it’s nebulous. We don’t know exactly when the dog days are, but we feel them with universal dread. It means the good times are ending.

And here we are, at the denouement of another summer, wondering how we’re going to persevere for another nine months before it ramps up again. This is the time to steel yourself. To mentally provision. To consume as many good times as possible so that your spirit may sustain. Start here.

Dizzy Fae – “Big Wall”

What’s better than one Dizzy Fae? How about four. In the new video for “Big Wall” the sensational musician and City Pages cover star does her best Tyler Perry impression, playing every single role in the song’s fraught relationship story. Directed by Isaac Gale and Fae herself, the video would be hilarious if it weren’t for the moody Fae masterpiece underscoring the shenanigans. (Still funnier than Madea Scared Stoopid or whatever Perry’s latest dumbass movie is.) “Big Wall” comes from Fae’s latest release, No GMO.

Goodnight Gorillas – “Phase One”

On August 7, Goodnight Gorillas released their new record Splash!,and the video for lead single “Phase One” follows the self-destructive path from breakup to breakdown. Director Joshua Garcia keeps the video simple, filming the four-piece rock band as they writhe around on a couch, painfully bleating the song’s refrain of “don’t cry from your breaking heart.” Goodnight Gorillas will celebrate the release of Splash! on Friday at Icehouse.

Version 5 – Summer in MN

The X Games are still going out in Crosslake, as Minnesota rock band Version 5 brought the gnar to a group of bathers this week with their custom built pontoon mini-ramp. The brief video follows an idyllic Minnesota day on the lake, scaled up with the band’s radical floating skate park. "We wanted to show fans, who may not be from the Upper Midwest, what a fun summer day on a lake looks like," guitarist Andy Olson said in a press release. When there’s a blanket of snow over the streets, remember that this is the ideal we’re all surviving for.

Jaylap – “MIA”

There’s nothing like a prolonged vacation to make you reconsider everything in your life. CRAM rapper Jaylap jaunted off to Thailand with his crew, and the experience has made him question whether he even wants to come back. “MIA” compiles the footage of that journey, which came following the death of the group’s friend and collaborator Tyy P. The escapism is palpable as the crew jets around Koh Samui and Bangkok, trying to reconcile with the death of their friend by leaving their lives in the Twin Cities behind.

See More Perspective – “Dandelions”

Rapper/poet See More Perspective did some very public processing this weekend on Facebook. His new video for “Dandelions” is a painful reaction to the current socio-political climate, specifically the recent shooting in El Paso. See More uses the metaphor of a car wreck to deliver a message of resilience in the face of extreme trauma. The quickly made video is an a capella rendition of the song, which appears on See More’s upcoming album Jaws of Life.

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