Spin Nightclub closing its doors to re-open as 'Pearl Ultra Lounge'


Spin Nightclub will be closing its doors to re-open as a new establishment, City Pages learned Thursday. Ned Abdul and John Barlow, who also own Karma and Epic nighclubs in the same vicinity, will re-open the doors at 10 S. 5th as Pearl Night Club & Ultra Lounge and have applied for a Class A liquor license for the new venture.

[jump] "The venue ran its course," said Beecher Vaillancourt, booking manager at Karma, Epic, and now Pearl.  "All the 18+ nights were popular and they did a great job while they were open for the crowd they were adapting to, but we wanted to do something different. There are no true 21+ club nights downtown now."

Our first thought when we heard that was "What about Envy?" but Vaillancourt tells us that the club, formerly owned by Deepak Nath, has been sold. The new owner has applied for licensing but isn't expected to receive it until May, one month or so after Pearl's debut.

"It's time to revitalize and get a grown folks club night happening again," Vaillancourt urged. "My target would be more like what Saturday nights were like at Escape [formerly in Block E] -- that 24-35 crowd."

And what about the ever-popular 18+ night and urban Sunday night jam that had downtown officials clamoring for new restrictions a few years ago?  Vallaincourt said they'll bring back both to Pearl, only revamped and revitalized.

"We're going to undertake a full remodel of the facility," he said. "I've not seen Ned and John so excited on a project."

From the press release:

 Pearl Night Club & Ultra Lounge is a truly Unique, Upscale Multi‐Level Experience, targeting primarily a 21 to 35 year old clientele. Pearl Night Club & Ultra Lounge's spacious design offers both inviting and intimate atmospheres. The decor is warm, relaxing, and plush throughout. Pearl Night Club & Ultra Lounge's highly trained and polished staff will offer its clientele a NEW level of customer service that has been lacking in recent years in the Minneapolis Downtown Warehouse District.

Pearl Night Club & Ultra Lounge's main level features a spacious dance floor with a towering video wall above a large performance stage, overlooking the center of the dance floor, that is enhanced with a sound and lighting show second to none. Pearl Night Club & Ultra Lounge boasts two upper level V.I.P. Ultra Lounges that offers those V.I.P.'s who demand the highest level of service all they seek. The two upper level Ultra Lounges are flowing with beautiful drapery and tapestries that adorn the walls and floors throughout. The Ultra Lounges are fitted with ample, plush modular seating complete with private cabana booths that overlook the energizing dance floor below.

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