Speakerphone Q&A with eletropop duo Ghost in the Water

Speakerphone Q&A with eletropop duo Ghost in the Water
Soft lightning bolts and lacy power lines come to mind as the perfectly balanced electropop sounds of Ghost in the Water fill the static-y air with happy melodies. The duo includes the adorably sweet, super quirky husband and wife team, Nathan and Mandy Tenfen Woolery; two Minneapolis musicians who pay consistent mind to the feather painted details while also not taking themselves more serious than a couple complex dreams and pet stories. Their band plays a free show tonight at the 331, along with the hipster-pleasing Lookbook.

Speakerphone Q&A with eletropop duo Ghost in the Water
Ghost in the Water is currently whipping out an entire set of new, bouncier songs that provoke whimsical '80s dancing, fleeting electricity and all out splendor. Their debut album, Tooth, is absolutely comfortable, sure to win your heart with soft harmonizing voices, chimes, synth and ticks. Watching Nathan and Mandy live is just as pleasant; a mess of chords and music making machines that somehow come together like a carefully conducted orchestra. Mr. and Mrs. Tensen Woolery multitask between instruments and singing, never missing an opportunity to break the awkward silence with an awkward story.

At home Thursday evening, Nathan and Mandy cranked up the volume on the speakerphone long enough to answer a few random questions about themselves and tonight's show plans.

City Pages: So what's going on with Ghost in the Water?
Mrs. Mandy: Well the band is breaking up. Just kidding. We just put up a digital EP.
Mr. Nathan: We have lots of new songs with added guitars and vocals. Our goal is to record a lot at the end of summer.

CP: So you mentioned your sound is a little different these days?
Mr. Even more electronic, and the new stuff is a lot dancier with lots of inspiration from 80s Minneapolis music.

CP: Any specific inspirations to note?
Mrs. The Jets-- the old 80s band.

(The two begin laughing and chatting, all at the same time, tangling up the speakerphone frequencies)

CP: Hold on at a time. The speakerphone makes you sound like a crazy mess of noise and chaos.
Mr. Well, that's really all that's happening here...

(after a bit more fuzzy giggling on both ends, the questions continue)

CP: So do people dance more now, specifically to the new music?
Mrs. We're trying to get people to dance. Minneapolis is a little shy.
Mr. Sometimes there's a spirit in the room and people feel it. Other times you could smack them in the butt and still no dancing would occur.

(Thoughts are exchanged about the possible tight dancing situation at the 331).

CP: I suggest we all just dance on the tables and chairs-- get really wild and obnoxious (I'm imagining something along the lines of Coyote Ugly style).
Mrs: Maybe you should start that. Just kick off your shoes and start it up.
CP: (Maybe I should reconsider this plan).

CP: My favorite thing about GITW are your funny stories and quirky banter. Where does all that genius word vomit come from?
Mr. It just never stops. We're always like that.
Mrs. It's definitely never planned. When I'm stalling, or tuning my guitar, I usually make Mandy tell a story.

CP: What do you do when the story flops?
Mrs. Just talk to eachother. When we hear the crickets chirping, we just start laughing.
Mr. When no one laughs at a story, it's just funny to us. If I were more sensitve, it might hurt my feelings. But I just think it's funny. Here we are, playing happy music and smiling and people are just staring blankly back.

CP: Tell me an embarrassing story attempt.
Mrs. I like to talk about my dreams. Recently I told an audience about a dream in which our dog stole Nathan's mom's car and took Nathan's mom's black lab on a joy ride. Then we were trying to figure out how to punish him...No one laughed.
Mr. Ya, during this one, we were in Brooklyn. Much more serious there. But people kept saying they were happy to see people smiling on stage, yet no one was smiling offstage.
Mrs. I kept imaging we were wearing clown shoes and ruffled collars. The picture in my head--us in a fancy Eurpoean club, with everyone dressed up in fancy black and us as Japenses pop stars. Ahhh!

CP: Is that something you wish you were: a Japanese Pop Star?
Mrs. Yes. Hook me up.
CP:...(I shall try my hardest, Mandy).

CP: So since everyone is doin' it, any special tribute to the late MJ tomorrow night?
Mrs. Nathan made a sweet mashup of Billie Jean.
Mr. I stole some from Billie Jean, Billy Ocean and a Hindi song. I suppose we should spin that before we play our set.

CP: Anything else special we can expect on stage tomorrow night?
Mrs. Matching astronaut outfits. Complete with helmets.
Mr. Actually an entirely Nasa themed stage show-- lots of smoke.
Mrs. And anti-gravity machines.
Mr. You'll just have to see it.

Ghost in the Water and Lookbook
@331 Club 
331 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis
, 21+

Ghost in the Water on Myspace
Ghost in the Water Official Website

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