Spank Your Neighbor

YouTube is so the new MTV, right? But even better, 'cause you can watch it at work. Waste three minutes on this fresh video from His Mischief.

The trio ranked 10th in our most recent Picked to Click best-new-bands poll. Here, they give us a behind-closed-doors look at all the debauchery going on in their neighborhood. After you watch it, you'll say, "That was fancy! Was it really local?" Yes, and if you go to the Fearless Filmmakers "Music that Moves" event on January 30th at the Oak Street Cinema, you can see this video and 18 more Minnesota-grown cuts. Afterparty at the Kitty Cat Klub, with one free drink for all you wannabes who aren't yet raking in that insane Minnesota music video green.

This video is rated U. It contains an Updike-style geriatric key party.

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