Space-age bodysuits, scrolling vistas, and high-stakes foot races in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Olympic hopefuls: Low Standards

Olympic hopefuls: Low Standards

How much longer can we go underrated?

Minnesota has persisted as, to borrow a metaphor from Atmosphere, a secret garden in the Midwest—rich in culture but overlooked by coastal snobs. We’ve defined themselves in response to that attitude. So what happens when we’re no longer overlooked?

With the Super Bowl blasting the Twin Cities across TVs nationwide and the 2018 Winter Olympics more or less a Minnesota all-star showcase, Minnesota seems to finally be on the radar. Once we’re given the credit we’ve always known we’ve deserved, then what will we be? Being an appropriately rated cultural hub sounds so boring.

With any luck, we’ll be ready. Here are five music videos that backed up our claims for being underrated this week.

Low Standards—“Keep Your Silver Medal” (PREMIERE)

Speaking of the Olympics, the U.S. underperformed in this season’s contests in Pyeongchang, winning only 23 medals. Eight of those were silver, but Fargo-Moorhead pop-rock band Low Standards want nothing to do with coming in second. Their new Jake Handegard-directed video for “Keep Your Silver Medal” rejects anyone who’d award them anything but gold. They’re all done with the competition of love.

Taylor J—“Trick Me”

In early February, St. Paul’s Taylor J released his new album, Only Us, but not till this weekend did he put out the record’s first single, “Trick Me.” The song serves as a thesis statement for the hardworking young rapper, demonstrating his prowess on the mic as well as in the director’s chair. J directs the video for “Trick Me,” documenting him and his posse as they run around the Cities shutting down their detractors. 13TwentyThree does the work behind the camera.

Eaon“Fan the Flame”

Twin Cities metal scene, welcome Eaon to your ranks. The heavy industrial band emerged in January, and now they’re here with their debut single, “Fan the Flame.” Last Man Standon Studios directs Eaon’s first video, focusing the camera on the band’s skill in cathartic anthem-making. Despite the lack of narrative, the video accomplishes its goal with its single-setting simplicity—this band is here to whip the Twin Cities into a mosh pit.

Destiny Roberts—“The Jungle”

Destiny Roberts is much more than a rapper. The spirited Minneapolis performer excels in film, art, and fashion, but when she’s on the mic, she’s magnetic and powerful. In her new video for “The Jungle,” she unapologetically owns her allure, rapping dismissively as her potential suitors fall over themselves to catch her attention. Director JMaki frames Roberts like the otherworldly presence she is, chronicling her day on the town turning heads. Look out for the deluxe edition of Moon Melanin Mami coming soon.

Intl Falls—“Supernatural”

Musicians Erik Appelwick (Tapes ‘n Tapes), Todd Casper (the Great Depression), Eric Fawcett (Spymob), and John Hermanson (Alva Star) spent five snowy days together in Minnesota writing music, and what they dreamed up was a spectral benediction of their wintry setting. Borrowing a name from the Koochiching County town of the north, the four branded themselves Intl Falls and put together an LP that captures the wide-eyed wonderment they felt. For debut video “Supernatural,” Intl Falls enlisted Cody Brown to set it all to film.

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