Soundset 2012 evacuated amid tornado watch

7:31 p.m.: Here's the warning put on the big screens on either side of the main stage.

7:31 p.m.: Here's the warning put on the big screens on either side of the main stage.


Review: Soundset at Canterbury Park, 5/27/12

The fifth annual Soundset festival at Canterbury Park Festival Field in Shakopee came to an abrupt halt when a Tornado Watch was announced midway through Lupe Fiasco's performance. 

Not long after Fiasco made an introduction for the song "The Show Goes On" and showed off a couple of fans' tattoos dedicated to the song, a member of the security team came out to announce that the watch was in effect and that the crowd should exit at that time.


At about 7:30 p.m, as people began exiting the grounds, the wind began blowing the hay spread over the fields and a heavy rain came down. 

Several bolts of lightning were spotted. Some fans rushed to their cars and began emptying the lot, and others took shelter in the Canterbury Park facilities. The cancellation came just as Astronautalis was finished on the smaller Fifth Element stage, and Atmosphere's evening closing set was pulled. A crowd of die-hard fans stayed on the crowds chanting "Slug! Slug! Slug!"

Update: Here's video of the evacuation posted by @VocalProphet

The storm came after a day of blistering heat, and the temperature topped 90 degrees for much of the afternoon. Several attendees were in the EMS area to get some shade and rehydrate. Earlier in Fiasco's fierce set, he pointed out the gray clouds forming to the east, and instructed the crowd to pray with him. "Hopefully them shits will rain down upon us," he said. And unfortunately, it was too much to keep the show going when it came.

There were no injuries reported during the evacuation as of 10 p.m.

Now some good news: First Avenue staff confirms that the After Party is still on. And we have our fingers crossed that we'll get what would be a sick Atmosphere performance after such a tumultuous day. Atmosphere did perform! Review here.

We will update this posting once we have more information on the cancellation, and look for more on Soundset 2012 at Gimme Noise.