Soundset '09: Atmosphere video and setlist

Soundset '09: Atmosphere video and setlist

By the time all of the other acts at Soundset finished and it was time for Atmosphere to take the stage, the excitement of the massive crowd had ratcheted up to its highest point of the day. Even from further back in the audience it was easy to read Slug's amazement as he gazed out at all of the people. "Look at you," he said, shaking his head. "Look at your community right now."

Click here for Denis Jeong Plaster's slideshow from Soundset '09.

Slug, Ant, and their backing band were in full-on celebration mode, playing songs that ranged Atmosphere's full catalog and reveling in the fact that thousands of people were rapping along to practically every word. See below for a full setlist, as well as a clip of Atmosphere's performance that gives you an idea of the sheer magnitude of this year's attendance at the festival.

Atmosphere, "Shoulda Known" live at Soundset '09:

Atmosphere setlist:

One of a Kind
The Waitress
The Rooster
Shoulda Known
Save the Day
Modern Man's Hustle
Trying to Find a Balance
Guns and Cigarettes
Always Coming Back Home to You

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