Soul Asylum, Sounds of Blackness, Robert Robertson playing 'Northside' tornado benefit next month


Gospel and rock fans will be united on June 12 when Soul Asylum, Sounds of Blackness, and Robert Robertson will come together on the State Theatre stage for "Northside: A Twin Cities Community Benefit," a concert to raise money for those affected by the tornado that tore through north Minneapolis last Sunday. With the devastation of the Northside still being assessed, a massive lineup of current and former North Side residents have already stepped forward to participate, including headliners Sounds of Blackness and Robertson as well as musicians Triad 4 Christ, Cameron Hughes, Sarah Renner, and more.

Here is the confirmed lineup, which will continue to expand as details are firmed up:

[jump] Sounds of Blackness (Northside, various members)

Soul Asylum

Robert Robertson (Northside)

Larry Long

Tonia Hughes (Northside)

Billy McLaughlin

Sarah Renner (Northside)

Billy and Paul Peterson

Cameron Hughes (Northside)

Triad 4 Christ (Northside)

Robyne Robinson (emcee)

The concert's organizers have also sent invitations to a list of Minnesota's most famous musicians, including the Purple One (just say yes, Prince).

"It doesn't matter on what side of town you live on, when tragedy strikes, we're all on the same side," notes performer Larry Long. "So let's give it up for the Northside: At this moment of time, it's the Northside in need of relief."

Ticket prices have not been announced as of yet, but the concert's organizers are aiming to raise $100,000 for the North Minneapolis Fund, and the Minneapolis Foundation has already pledged a matching grant of $200,000.

We'll post additional details as soon as we get them.