Soon-to-close Triple Rock will live forever — in new T-shirt form!

RIP, Triple Rock

RIP, Triple Rock

Shitty news rocked the Minneapolis music world last month: Triple Rock Social Club, the beloved West Bank rock 'n' roll venue, will close on November 22.

How best to remember the T-Rock? Through boozy recollections of past shows (plus especially hazy ones of the club's old Triple Double Tuesdays), absolutely. But also through the brand-new T-shirts it's peddling. 

As seen above, one design provides a classy epitaph featuring three jewels and the Triple Rock's 1998-2017 lifespan, while another highlights the classic logo. Both are available here for $18.99 each. 

"I think it’s important to remember that it was the people who made the magic [at Triple Rock], not the structure," Hold Steady/Lifter Puller frontman Craig Finn told us ahead of his show there last month. "From the top down, the staff was always friendly and efficient, and they simply cared a lot. That goes a long long way. That is the spirit that seems to me to live on everywhere in the Twin Cities scene, and what makes it such a great place for music. The Triple Rock was loved on a national and international scale, and will be greatly missed."

And now that spirit can live in your dresser or atop your chest, depending on the day. Elsewhere on the newsworthy clothing beat, the Science Museum of Minnesota sold $600,000 worth (!) of its Stranger Things-featured dino hoodies this week.  

As for the final Triple Rock show, Dillinger Four -- whose guitarist, Erik Funk, co-owns the place -- will lead a punk-rock wake. Here's what's left on the calendar

  • Nov. 9: The Modern Era
  • Nov. 10: Musturd Plug
  • Nov. 11: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (sold out)
  • Nov. 12: Slow Magic
  • Nov. 13: UndercurrentMPLS' "See You There" farewell showcase
  • Nov. 14: Metallagher
  • Nov. 15: The Riverboat Gamblers & the Soviettes (sold out)
  • Nov. 16: Transmission
  • Nov. 17: Within The Ruins
  • Nov. 18: Swingin' Utters (sold out)
  • Nov. 19: Silverstein
  • Nov. 21: Dillinger Four (sold out)

Take us out, NOFX.