Soo Visual Arts Center has a weird week planned


(This week's show brought to you by a security camera? Photo by m.gifford)

This Thursday marks the start of a four-day festival loaded with improv music, CD-release shows for musicians like Gay Witch Abortion and HAZE XXL, and an art show feature a massive retrospective on two popular Minnesota artist groups. The festival does indeed have a name: Non Consensual Post Dada Constructivist Cerebral Warts Art/Music/Film Festival 2009. Trying saying that three times fast.

The event kicks off Thursday, October 22 and runs through Sunday. Performances will take place each night from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Throughout the show guests can check out a retrospective installation featuring works from both Burlesque of North America and Aesthetic Apparatus.

Perhaps the most unusual element of this festival is the musical performances, which will take place behind back-lit screened windows. Partiers will be able to see the artists' silhouettes as they perform. There will also be security cameras placed in the four, performance spaces, which will be broadcast on a screen in the main gallery.

Thursday night's kick off show features short films by Chris Mars, in addition to live music by Grant Hart, HAZE XXL, and Shannon Selberg. This will also be a special event for HAZE XXL. The artist will also be selling and exhibiting 100 individually hand-made CD-sleeves containing original art and Polaroids, as well as other nationally touring pieces of art.

Each evening a new artist performs behind the screens with the security camera. Friday features Gay Witch Abortion, Saturday features H.O.F., and Sunday features the Melvins.

For more info visit or SooVac is located at 2640 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis and can be reached at 612.871.2263.