Sonic Valentines

MTV seems to be less and less about music videos, which is probably just as well, since when they do play a video it's usually on the order of Silverchair, and in any case, fewer videos mean more episodes of Singled Out, the endlessly trashy dating game that you can play along with at home by wondering if you'd meet the contestants' shallow requirements. If that's not your idea of a good Valentine's Day, here are two musical options: The platonic-friend choice tonight may be Peal's second anniversary bash at Red Sea (with dreamy mods Girl Friday and Tot 50). And if you've got a sweetie, may I suggest
the legendary Polar Bear Club lounge session (with DJ Mike Wolf, of Rev-105's True Crime Radio, presiding) at 7th St. Entry, with the equally legendary Legendary Jim Ruiz Group and Val Caskey ($5; doors at 8 p.m.). In the Mainroom, Joel Ruiz and Paul Schwartzberg will spin their fave swing music until 9:30 p.m., along with other surprises and cameos by The Darlin's.

Thursday marks the First Ave. headlining of T.H.R.U.S.H.--the supergroup featuring the Rembrandts' Phil Solem, drummer Michael Bland and the ubiquitous John Strawberry Fields--with openers Rex Daisy, Nun's Honey (the new band from ex-Native Son Ross Hanover) and the Kristin Mooney Band. This gig doubles as the release party for the debut Nun's Honey single on October Records, "No Messiah"/"Hate Me" ($5; doors at 7 p.m.). It should also be worthwhile to venture into the Entry that night for Milk, John's Black Dirt, Fall-recalling The Shepherd Kings, and Clog ($5; doors at 8 p.m.)

The new Low EP, Transmission, is built around their entrancing Joy Division cover of the same name (also on last year's JD tribute, A Means to an End). The other tracks are some choice odds and ends produced by Kramer and Steve Albini: the gorgeous Mimi Parker-sung "Bright," the sequel to Long-Division's "Caroline," a brief Supreme Dicks cover and more. The hidden track of introspective noodlings doesn't quite make the EP 35-plus minutes of music as the cover sticker claims, but with Low, who's counting? They'll be at the Entry on February 28.

Skeleton Ed's That's Cool With Her has made its long-delayed appearance. Elsewhere in the local CD-scape: Dogshine, Barry's Car; Doug Wayne, Looking Glass; M.I.J., Chewed Smooth Center; Peachfuzz, (self-titled). East St. Paul metal representatives The Light have posited She's Got It All, with its conceptually original girl-in-lingerie-with-guitar on the cover. Happy V-Day...

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