Some Wild fans aren't crazy about Prince's 'Let's Go Crazy'

Look at these yahoos.

Look at these yahoos. File

The Minnesota Wild -- who are not the best but are from here -- picked "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince -- who is the best and is from here -- as their new goal song.

That news arrived Tuesday, and with it came a tidal wave of backlash stirred by irritated hockey fans. We apparently live in a disturbing universe where depriving people of Joe Satriani's "Crowd Chant" is cause for outrage. To bust out some regional parlance: uff-da. 

Prince's super-charged guitar rocker is perfect for the arena setting, and its selection as goal song is a lovely tribute to the late pop megastar. Anyway, that's the official editorial position of City Pages, but let's hear it from the other side:

That sampler of riled up comments was culled from the Wild's Facebook page. Some folks think "Let's Go Crazy" isn't especially suited for hockey, a reasonable enough position. From there, things got progressively shittier. You've got the Prince isn't manly/hetero enough crowd; you've got the drug-addict shamers. 

Thankfully, supportive Wild fans also came out in force. The song switch was decided by a 2-1 vote among season ticket holders, after all.

Of the 700-plus comments on the post announcing the move, this one won the most likes: "Finally. No offense to Joe Satriani but that song was really lame, especially since other teams used it. At least this has a connection to Minnesota." 

How do you feel about this important civic issue?

Does "Let's Go Crazy" effectively characterize your deepest feelings after a goal?

Is shaming an addict the least empathetic thing a person can do?

Did Prince know how to ice skate backwards?

Are dated notions of masculinity harmful to society? 

What brand of shaving cream does Satriani use on his scalp?

Should I bet my 401k on the Wild winning the Stanley Cup?

Does new Wild coach Bruce Boudreau know how to rock?

Was 1984, the very year "Let's Go Crazy" dropped via Purple Rain, a totally killer year for music?

Is Prince reading this blog in Rock Star Heaven?

Are you still reading this blog?

What's the etymology of the word "blog," anyway?

How do you end a blog?