Some more Minnesota favorites

Allison Gunderson writes:


Now, this just seemed so obvious to me. They may not have ever been my favorite band from Minnesota (and working in college radio, I tried to NOT like them), but Semisonic was so HUGE. Granted, Trip Shakespeare was in the top fifty, but that is not even the same. From the super hit "Closing Time" to the much better songs on the earlier Across the Great Divide... it just seems more important and hit list worthy than some of the artists on the list.

Paul Burnett writes:

I understand that this is a list of only the FIFTY Greatest Hits), I was surprised that neither The Underbeats (FootStompin) or The Accents (Why) made the cut. But as an old fart, I'm always sorry to see these and other great local bands of the 60s era left out of any lists.

Chad Nelson writes:

*Jeff Waryan/Figures- ?To Get Away? from S/T LP (Twin Tone 1983)
(Wonderful soaring piece of guitar rock?woefully underrated)

*Illiterate Beach-So She Knows 7? (Rollerland Records 1985)
(Great folk rock?Maria Menolasino?s voice is haunting?a fixture on mix tapes for years)

*Otto?s Chemical Lounge-Fire 7? EP (Reflex Records 1983)
(bass player?Tom Hazelmyer...who knew?)

*Five Easy Pieces-Let?s Go Down 7? (Crackpot Records 1992)
(Full Disclosure?I ?executive produced? this single (i.e. bought the beer), but I still think it?s a pretty good slice of Americana--Surowicz called ?em ?ragged but right?)

I know modesty precludes you, but both ?Catholic Bulletin? (Laughing Stock) and ?Governor of Fun? (Dylan Hicks) deserve mention, too.

Another reader suggests Marvin Rainwater:

 "I see that the list goes all the way back to the early 50's. I see that country & western is seriously underrepresented. MARVIN RAINWATER, still working his local fair, up in Aitkin County, at least last time i checked, should aughta get some recognition here, i opine."

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