Solid Gold take over U Otter Stop Inn


En route between the studio where this week's cover photo was taken and downtown Minneapolis, where we had planned to wrap up the shoot, Solid Gold's Shon Troth spotted the U Otter Stop Inn out the car window.

"Pull over! They have karaoke!"

We couldn't help but comply. The following is a series of photos from their outrageous late afternoon karaoke pit stop and subsequent trip to downtown Minneapolis. Thanks to City Pages art director Nick Vlcek for being a great sport and shooting these photos from our afternoon with our favorite colonial pirates, Solid Gold.

Adam makes a new friend -- and it turns out this U Otter Stop Inn regular can sing a hell of a Sinatra cover, too. After a few rounds of karaoke he took a turn, singing "Fly Me to the Moon."

Zach and Matt trade verses on Warren G and Nate Dogg's classic, "Regulate": "I'm tweaking into a whole new era/G-Funk, step to this I dare ya/Funk on a whole new level/The rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble."

Adam grabs the mic for a few verses of the Rolling Stones' "Get Off of My Cloud" with Matt. Afterwards, Matt politely asks me to destroy any video footage that I took of the off-key incident.

The woman tending bar, to her row of regulars: "I've never seen so many pirates in the men's bathroom before!"

Once out of the bar, the boys took over downtown, drawing sideways looks and giggles from passers-by. What, they've never seen a band of roving colonial pirates before?

Polite salesperson working the fancy handbag counter at Macy's: "Um, can I help you?" Shon: "Yeah, we're looking for treasure."

As if on cue, upon spotting the Mary Tyler Moore statue on Nicollet Mall Zach runs over, slumps down to her feet, and begins sucking his thumb, while Shon starts "fondling her buttons" on her jacket.

After a quick stop at Candyland for some popcorn and a few more shots downtown, we called it a day. Thanks for the adventure, boys.