Solid Gold: Reporter's Notebook


We had a lot of fun gallivanting around New York and Minneapolis with local dream-pop band Solid Gold, and naturally ended up with more material than could fit in this week's cover story. See below for extra quotes from the band, click here for a gallery of live shots from New York and Minneapolis, click here for a gallery of embarrassing photos from the band's past, and click here for outtakes from our cover shoot, which included a trip to the U Otter Stop Inn in Northeast for some midday pirate karaoke.

Brett O'Brien, Director of Marketing for Mountain Dew, on their new partnership with Solid Gold:

Green Label Sound was founded to empower those artists who best embody the spirit of Mountain Dew. They use music to create a unique form of self expression, think outside the maintsream and they are constantly pushing the limits of creativity. We team up with these artists to help increase their exposure and hopefully fuel their growth.Solid Gold already has a passionate following in their hometown and a great buzz from music critics. They are great guys with an addictive love for what they do, a refreshing point of view and they are a great fit for our label. We approached them about writing an exclusive track for us to release and they agreed.  We love the track, look forward to working with the band on future programs and will follow Solid Gold as they continue to grow.

Matt Locher on their Green Label Sound partnership:

Basically, they're paying you to advertise your music... iPod commercials and TV shows are breaking bands where the radio used to. You just have to adapt and just try to be as smart as you can about it. Green Label, it's Mountain Dew, which is initially a turn-off, but it's a product that no one's making money off of. It is advertising for them, but the fans don't have to pay. And that's what did it for us. We're not making much money off it, but we got a chance to record a song for free. For us, since we've never had a budget for recording, that's awesome.

Adam Hurlburt, Zach Coulter, and Matt Locher on their upcoming releases:

Hurlburt: An EP is our next move, which will be earlier next year.Locher: Probably March. March is a safe deadline for an EP. Coulter: Should we talk about the remix record?Locher and Hurlburt: Yeah.Coulter: So we thought about doing Bodies of Slaughter, which would be remixes of all the songs on Bodies of Water. We were talking about doing a double vinyl release, like a red record and a blue record. Like re-releasing the original on vinyl, but it would come with Bodies of Slaughter. Because we've been getting more offers for people doing remixes, that kind of stuff.Locher: The woman Morgan Kibby from M83 is doing a a remix. We've just got tons of friends who are DJs or remixers.Coulter: So I think half of them will probably be celebrity remixes, and half of them will be our friends and us, maybe us as different people.Locher: That'll come out hopefully by summer, the remix record. So an EP, and then the remix album.Coulter: There might be a single between that, too, you never know.

Matt Locher on handling their local success:

I don't take any of it for granted, because like you said people can really start hating a band really quick. Hopefully, the people that like us are the same people that see us around town or we work with or we run into at the retail/service industry spots that we work. Hopefully they'll just know that it's genuine and we're not going to punk out or - we're the same band, the same people, just with more people hearing us.