Solid Gold announce new EP

Solid Gold announce new EP
Photo by Nick Vlcek

Aside from a couple of singles released via Green Label Sound, it's been over a year since locals Solid Gold have released any new material, so fans will be happy to hear that the band quietly announced a new EP on their Facebook page late last week. The five-track EP, Synchronize, is streaming online in its entirety, and it includes three track that will sound familiar to anyone who has seen the band live ("One in a Million," "Sharpshooter," and the title track), along with an unlikely yet surprisingly effective cover of Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" and a remix of "Synchronize" by Morgan Kibby of M83.

All five tracks are streaming free on SoundCloud, and you can check them out below. For more info on Solid Gold, check out our recent cover story on the rising dream-pop band, and keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates.

Solid Gold announce new EP

Synchronize EP by solidgoldband

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