Solid Gold announce new album, Eat Your Young

Solid Gold announce new album, Eat Your Young
Photo By Erik Hess

After capturing the attention of the Twin Cities music community with their enthralling, electro-rock odyssey, Bodies Of Water, in 2008, Solid Gold has kept all of us waiting patiently for a proper follow-up. Other than releasing a few random singles and the 2010 Synchronize EP, Zach Coulter and Adam Hurlburt stayed busy and inspired by joining up with the outlandish Gayngs caravan a few years back while they took a break from their main band. But after a slowly increasing slew of memorable live shows featuring a smattering of new songs, anticipation for their second record has been building as of late.

And now the long wait is finally over, as Solid Gold have just announced that their sophomore album, Eat Your Young, will be released on October 23 on Totally Gross National Product.

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The album features 10 new songs crafted by core members Coulter, Hurlburt, and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Loher, and should hopefully go a long way in cementing Solid Gold as one of the most captivating, distinctive bands in our local scene. According to the group, the album was inspired by "everything from lucid dreams to existential dread to the way we often wander through life in a catatonic state."

But you can bet that after all these years, Solid Gold certainly won't be sleepwalking through their new record."There's a competitiveness underlying the desire to make the best music possible," says Coulter. "It's a combination of a meticulous approach and an off the cuff, punk-like writing style."

Surely the guys are planning a big local party to celebrate the release of Eat Your Young, but at this point no live shows are scheduled, though the band is finalizing plans to play some upcoming dates at CMJ in New York in mid-October.

Here's the tracklisting and cover art for Eat Your Young:

Solid Gold announce new album, Eat Your Young

1. Shock Notice
2. Six Days
3. The Pendulum
4. Nice Flight
5. All The Way Until It Stops
6. Sold God
7. Eat Your Young
8. Laugh It Up
9. Elephants
10. In The Hollows

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