Soft Abuse brings Pigeons, Fabulous Diamonds to the Hex tomorrow

It's a Soft Abuse weekend here in the Twin Cities. By that we mean the local imprint by way of Tallahassee expat and proprietor, Chris Berry, will be hosting the latest ingredient from his indie label's stew coming through town Saturday night at the Hexagon, teaming up newbies Pigeons and Australia's Fabulous Diamonds with local mainstays and psyechedlicates in arms Leisure Birds and Brute Heart.

[jump] All somewhat distinctly different from one another, Soft Abuse seems to favor indie rock bands that typically eschew modern technology for vinyl or cassettes in format, and form and structure in song for ambient, off the cuff expression with typically new and provocative results.


New York duo, Pigeons offer up slow melodies perfect for Fall and Winter moods on their latest, Liasons. A short ride through the couple's dreamy soundscapes not too unlike vintage Galaxie 500 or the Softies on codeine, Liasons drifting guitar harmonies mix well with singer Wednesday Knudsen's cooing vocal lilts accented by a lo-fi dubwise production sounding like something you'd see at the end of a 70's European art film reel by mistake. Even the Serge Gainsbourgh cover "Laisse Tomber les Filles" becomes the couple's own sounding like a hotel lounge act after going out on a jazz cigarette break. Understanding the amount of overdubs and effects utilized to make up Pigeons end product so great will be a joy to see on the live stage as they make their Twin Cities debut.

While Aussie's Fabulous Diamonds have been around the block awhile this band tends to go more for an improvitory approach sounding at time one part like Swedish prog legends Harmonia one moment and the Raincoats the next.

Sample some tracks from Pigeons:
Pigeons from Liasons, "Race"
Pigeons from Visions of the Valley 7" "The Postcard"