Snow Emergency playlist: 28 songs about Minnesota winters

The white stuff

The white stuff

El Niño has battled admirably against Old Man Winter in 2015, but that sweet, brave Spanish boy was finally kicked in the teeth by the snowstorm that arrived early today. As you make sense of this winter's first declared Snow Emergency, blast our ice-cold playlist (sorta, maybe, at least abstractly) inspired by wintertime in Minnesota. With an appropriate degree of incredulity, let us know what songs we forgot in the comments! 

"Skyway" by the Replacements (honorable mention: "Buck Hill")

Bone-chilling lyrics: "You take the skyway, high above the busy little one-way / In my stupid hat and gloves, at night I lie awake" 

"Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis" by Tom Waits

Bone-chilling lyrics: "Everyone I used to know / Was either dead or in prison / So I came back to Minneapolis / This time I think I'm gonna stay" 

"Snow Day" by Jeremy Messersmith

Bone-chilling lyrics: "I want a snow day / Hope for snow to run in and play / Too much to ask for happiness / In little white packages"

"Minneapolis" by Lucinda Williams

Bone-chilling lyrics: "Dead leaves of December thin skinned and splintered / Never gotten used to this bitter winter"

"Sometimes it Snows in April" by Prince

Bone-chilling lyrics: "Sometimes it snows in April / Sometimes I feel so bad / Sometimes, sometimes I wish that life was never ending / And all good things, they say, never last"

[Prince hates all streaming services except Tidal, so get your free 30 seconds of "Sometimes" here.]

"10,000 Lakes" by Kid Dakota

Bone-chilling lyrics: "I'm in Minnesota again for the winter / I didn't come for ice fishin', I didn't come for duck huntin' / I'm not Scandinavian or in search of Paul Bunyan"

"Say Shhh" by Atmosphere

Bone-chilling lyrics: "None of this is to diss no one, nowhere / Like damn, I'm from Minnesota, land of the cold air"

"Thin Ice" by Soviettes

Bone-chilling lyrics: "This could be your biggest regret / The ice you're on has never been so thin"

"A Long, Cold Night in Minneapolis" by Dead Man Winter

Bone-chilling lyrics: "It's a beautiful morning, with silver-lined thunder / And the howling winds of the winter up here" 

"Winter Song" by Jana Nyberg (track 12)

Bone-chilling lyrics: "Look at the sky / Snowflakes drifting by" 

"Seeing Double at the Triple Rock" by NOFX

Bone-chilling lyrics: "It's where you wanna get snowed in when you get snowed in / Outside it's 10 below / Is it day or night? We don't care or know"

"Snow Days" by Trip Shakespeare

Bone-chilling lyric: "t's coming down / Snow lays on the chainfields / There's a blessing on the ground"

"Last Snowstorm of the Year" by Low

Bone-chilling lyrics: "The winter was nice / But the summer is hell"

The final two (15?) selections are kinda cheating because they're more Christmas-focused, but both are absolutely worth sharing. First, there's Radio K's 14-track A Wintry Mixtape representing various local acts: 

Finally, here's a Christmas present from Lizzo released last week: 

Update: Reader CM Dugan pointed us to this highly applicable banger from Twin Cities pop-punk band Liarbirds: