Snoop Dogg wants to get 'freaky deeky' with Gaga

En route to Minneapolis tonight for two back-to-back shows at the Cabooze, Snoop Dogg has issued an APB (that's all points bulletin, yo) pleading that someone put him in touch with Lady Gaga.

"I'm trying to do a song witchu," Snoop says. "It's a real nice, freaky deeky kinda song."


Something tells us Snoop wasn't referring to the local anything-goes, bizarro cable access show Freaky Deeky, but seriously, how awesome would that be? I could totally picture Snoop Dogg and Gaga getting down with these guys:

FREAKY DEEKY Promo!! Live Freakout Call-in TV show MTN from Time Squid on Vimeo.