Snoop Dogg merchandise: Best web finds

For Twin Cities rap-loving stoners, Snoop Dogg's sporadic local gigs must bring about a feeling like that of a kid on Christmas (both occasions when the tree's at the center of the party). For those dedicated fans of the slick-talking pimpadelic rap mogul, we did a little web sleuthing for merchandise (legal, mind you) to get us all in the mood for tonight's long-awaited show at the Cabooze. It's a welcome venue for an artist that would usually play a less intimate gig at a much larger space like the Xcel or Epic.

Here's some of the notable stuff we found.

Snoop Doggy Doll

Snoop Dogg merchandise: Best web finds

This is exactly the kind of item that would be the first to get yanked from your bedroom at a house party, but damn if it wouldn't be fun to own for a few funky months. A rare vinyl toy of which only 600 were made, you can own this unearthly pimp fo' just $89 (though the auction ends at 11 a.m. today). On second thought, a few too many tokes and it would probably scare the crap out of you, staring you down in the corner. "Yes, scary Snoop figurine, the West is the best, just please don't kill me in my sleep!"

Snoop Canvas Painting

Snoop Dogg merchandise: Best web finds

We don't know too many chicks that would turn down a bachelor on a leather couch with this fine piece of art lingering overhead. Over a bed in a ratty college dorm, however, is another story. That's just kind of creepy.  

Tacky T-shirt

Snoop Dogg merchandise: Best web finds

Conversely, this is probably chick repellent anywhere but a frat house, but admittedly it made us smirk a bit and then feel guilty about it.

Death Row Platinum Record: Doggystyle

Snoop Dogg merchandise: Best web finds

It's $15,000 and awesome, yes, but do you really want a strung-out and/or broke Suge Knight knocking on your door 20 years from now looking for his old memorabilia to flip on eBay for rent money? Likely not. (Note to Suge if you have a Google Alert on your name and see this: Totally just kidding!)  

Autographed Dolla' Bill Ya'll

Snoop Dogg merchandise: Best web finds

This would be so much more money (literally) if it were a hundo and framed in some really amazing velvet-backed gold frame. $799 for $1 in this economy seems a bit steep, no?

Offensive Tea Towel

Snoop Dogg merchandise: Best web finds

It was really Kurupt who said it on Dre's "Housewife", but who cares, you need this bad boy menacingly draped over your oven handle for when your buns get out of line. Beeyotch.

Psychedelic Painting

O, behold the joys of Etsy and the random tangents of human creativity.  This shiz needs to be on stained glass in the Evangelical Church of Snoop and the G Funk Saints, if there ever is such a thing. May his nizzle bedizzle be with you, Amen.

Life Size Snoop Cut-Out

Snoop Dogg merchandise: Best web finds

One, two, three and to the four, this Snoop Dogg cardboard cutout is at the door.... intimidating would-be intruders like a guard Dogg. And what.

Thug Mug

Snoop Dogg merchandise: Best web finds

Don't get it twisted, thugs need coffee breaks too. Cue scene from Office Space.

Vintage 1993 Snoop Concert T-Shirt

Snoop Dogg merchandise: Best web finds

The Calvin Broadus we all knew and loved, pre-"Sensual Seduction" and

Soul Plane

. True vintage official Death Row merch from 1993, selling for $150.  If we didn't spend all our money on Snoop concert tixx and good kush to try and smoke our way backstage, we'd snatch that sucker up.

Click here for info on tonight's Snoop show at the Cabooze.

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